NSRC Vehicles

NSRC Vehicles

The NSRC owns a small number of railway vehicles that are utilised on the Churnet Valley Railway. We have a small diesel fleet, that assist with engineering and shunting requirements of an operational railway, along with a small number of wagons that are called upon at various times of the year.

BRCW 33102 'Sophie'

Former Southern Region Type 3 no. 33102 arrived in Staffordshire after purchase by the Churnet Valley Diesel Group. Transferred to the NSRC in the mid-2000s, she is now the pride of the fleet and can be found operating a number of engineering services whilst also being on Thunderbird duty for the line's steam locomotives.

YEC 'Brightside'

Former Oakamoor shunter, now preserved at Cheddleton and so lays claim to being one of the longest residents of the Churnet Valley. Regularly found as the station pilot during the summer months, and assisting as required within the yard.

YEC 'Roger'

Bought through the legacy of a long-standing member, the locomotive was named in his honour and has become the main shunting locomotive for Cheddleton MPD. Roger has made appearances on services during special events, this popular locomotive is currently undergoing repairs.

PO PAA 30025

Sole surviving sand hopper, these wagons were originally built for handling the sand traffic out of Oakamoor Quarry and was a regular sight in the Churnet Valley up until the late 1980s. The NSRC was able to save one vehicle following their full withdrawal in 2016, and will be used to help tell the story of railways in the Churnet Valley.

BR Shark 993867

Bought courtesy of a donation through a NSRC member, this Shark brake van is vacuum fitted and capable of spreading deposited ballast during ballasting works. Normally found within the confines of Cheddleton MPD, it will be found out/about during the closed season assisting with engineering trains.

LMS VEA M269460

An early London, Midland & Scottish wagon, used to transport goods across the former LMS and BR Midland network. Bought by a NSRC member, this box van was donated to the NSRC and now awaits the resources for a formal restoration at Cheddleton.

BR GUV 86197

BR General Utility Vehicle, built for transporting mail and parcels. This particular vehicle was used predominantly on the Western Region during its service life. Now utilised by NSRC as a stores, there is a hidden desire to restore the vehicle externally as the Swedish Scrubber - an experimental rail-head cleaning train on the South-East for which our own 33102 was the chosen locomotive.

BR Mk1 Fleet

The NSRC own a number of former Mk1 coaches, most of which require restoration before being available for service. Currently the NSRC fleet consists of TSOs E3809 + S4046, SO M4366 and CK M7663. The NSRC will be looking to expand this fleet over time, inline with the plans to extend to Leek. To support the ongoing purchase and subsequent restoration of such vehicle please click below to help.

NSR FY 228

We are the owners of an original North Staffordshire 4-wheel first class coach no. 228. This vehicle had been in storage for a number of years with a number of on/off attempts made to complete a restoration. In 2014 a deal was signed whereby the vehicle was placed into the care of The Knotty Coach Trust who would restore it as part of their Knotty rake of 4-wheelers. It is planned for the full set to visit CVR once complete.