NSRC Committee of Management

The North Staffordshire Railway Company (1978) Ltd. (NSRC) is a Registered Charity (No. 514172) and a Company limited by guarantee. It has a nominated Committee of Management (Board) to oversee its business and carry out the objects identified within the Memorandum of Association. As defined within the Articles of Association, the committee shall have no less than six members nor no more than ten at any one time, with the requirement of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to be in post at all times. 

The current committee (as of Autumn 2020) comprises of the following individuals :

  • Dr Howard Bould (Chairman)
  • Mr Aidan Croft (Secretary)
  • Mr Geoff Chapman (Treasurer)
  • Mr Brian Dunn
  • Mr John Hulse
  • Mr Jonathan Kerr (Communications)
  • Mrs Beverley Kirkland (Youth Development)
  • Mr Christopher Knight (Museum & Archive)
  • Mr Ken Lupton (Gift Aid)
  • Mr Nigel Moorby

The committee is supported in its business by a selection of Officers who oversee specific parts of the Association's activities, as detailed below :

  • Syd Campion (Membership Secretary)
  • Darren Clark & Andy Sollis (Webmasters)
  • Jack Ilczyszyn & Ernie Sollis (Volunteer Liaison Co-ordinator)
  • Martin Pyrzyna (Traction & Rolling Stock Officer)