The Knotty journal

'The Knotty' is the journal published three times a year by the North Staffordshire Railway Company (1978) Ltd. (NSRC) as part of its support of the Churnet Valley Railway. It aims to maintain an accurate and up to date record of information about the historic and ongoing development of the Churnet Valley line within the context of the original North Staffordshire Railway, which in turn is published for the purposes of educating and informing NSRC members and the general public, thereby generating enthusiasm and support. 

The title of the publication is a nod to the original North Staffordshire Railway, which was fondly known as 'The Owd Knotty' on account of the Staffordshire knot which featured in the company emblem. 

Today's glossy colour journal started life as a simple newsletter, type-written and duplicated by the NSRC's pioneering members. Over the years it has been in the hands of several editors, each one helping to develop 'The Knotty' into what is on offer today. 

Each modern day issue comprises an editorial, reports on recently completed and ongoing projects, information about future plans, and a generous sprinkling of photographs. Additional content might include historic information about the line, a feature based on artefacts held in the NSRC's museum archives, or even someone's personal reminiscences. 

Whilst the vast majority of content comes from working volunteers within the NSRC and CVR, members of the public are very welcome to submit articles and photographs. 

Submissions for publication should be emailed to the editor in the first instance. Please note that publication is at the discretion of the editor and submission is not a guarantee of publication. By submitting articles and photographs you accept that they may be edited as considered necessary and confirm that you hold the necessary publication rights. It is the policy of the NSRC that any photographs which include children must be accompanied by specific permission of a parent or guardian before they can be used. Click here to contact the Editor.

Whereas NSRC members receive each newly published 'Knotty' free of charge as part of their membership benefits; recent issues are available for others to purchase in the Kingsley & Froghall station shop. 

As an ongoing project, a digital archive of past issues of 'The Knotty' will be available online for viewing as the website develops.

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Submission Deadline for Knotty #129: 8th June 2022