Make a Donation

The simplest way to support the NSRC is by making a one-off donation, the size of which can be as big or small as you wish. You can place any donation into the general NSRC pot, allowing the NSRC Board to choose where your money goes. Alternatively, you can choose to support one of the public appeals listed within the donation form itself. It's quick and easy and can easily be done on a phone or laptop wherever you are in the world.

Make a Gift

If you want to make a bigger contribution and help bring an ongoing project to completion or give an other project some initiative, we are more than happy to hear from you. Not all our planned projects are listed online, as simply we cannot manage to fund everything we'd like to. If you are prepared to give a larger donation, or have an item you feel would be worthy adding to our collection, then please get in touch.

Give a Little, Often

Small amounts soon build up and whilst you may wish to help as much as you can there are limiting factors. This is no bother, as a number of our supporters make regular donations (such as monthly) to help contribute further, but at a pace that suits their lifestyle. This can be from as little as £5 per month and again it can support a specific project or just help with ongoing preservation of railways in North Staffordshire.

Gift Aid

If you are a UK Taxpayer, any donation you make to the NSRC is eligible for Gift Aid. The NSRC is then able to reclaim the Income Tax from HM Revenue & Customs at no further cost to yourself. Currently Gift Aid works out at 25p for every £1, and so every £10 donation becomes £12.50. Further, for those who pay at the higher tax bands or make additional tax payments, you are entitled to claim Tax Relief for all donations made to ourselves.

Leave a Legacy

It's not an easy topic to discuss, but leaving a legacy can make a lasting difference for ourselves whilst also bringing benefits for you and your family. The NSRC has been the fortunate receiver of such bequests, all of which have been put to good effect in developing the CVR. Legacies are exempt from Inheritance Tax, and larger legacies can reduce the inheritance for additional benefactors that you mention in your will.

Online Shopping

As people find new ways to shop, we need to find new ways to attract donations. One such way is by registering with AmazonSmile and EasyFundraising, websites that offer charitable donations to customers who purchase products through their websites. This is all so simple, you can earn money for NSRC from anywhere in the world!

Annual Raffle

Every year the NSRC holds a raffle, culminating in the draw being made during the November AGM, which coincides with the ending of the main operating season. Tickets are £1 each and can be purchased from onboard all public services, from the booking office or from the NSRC direct. The 2021 raffle is raising funds for the purchase of specialist maintenance equipment, that will help with ongoing maintenance and our future expansions to Leek, Moneystone and Cauldon.

One of the North Staffordshire Railway Company's priorities is to raise funds to support our charitable objectives, and ensure the continued survival of railway preservation within North Staffordshire. Choosing to support the NSRC makes a huge difference, no matter how small your contribution. Every penny counts, and small donations put together soon create large contributions that make a real difference to our ongoing work.

Working together we are all bringing the past to life, recreating moments that were once an every day occurrence but are now consigned to history. Day to day running only generates enough income to cover the costs of operation along with minimum maintenance requirements. It is up to us as a community, and the support body for the Churnet Valley Railway, to make the impossible happen and enhance the visitor experience further, which will encourage visitors to keep coming back to enjoy another day in history.