Appeals & Projects

Appeals & Projects

The NSRC is nothing without the generous contributions from its supporters. The charity has regularly administered multiple appeals to collate resources together that allow the railway to progress. Whether you give £5 or £500, once a month or once a year, every contribution makes a difference in keeping the past alive in North Staffordshire. Click below to discover the latest appeals, or see just what previous appeals have gone on to recreate.

Reconnect Leek

The biggest project that always get mentioned - re-opening to the market town of Leek. First mentioned in the 1970s, we are now the closest we have ever been to succeeding in this endeavour. You can play your part by joining the NSRC's own Leek Scheme to help with the finance in the extension or just a make a single one-off donation

Leek Coach Appeal

With the Churnet Valley Railway's extension into Leek nearing ever closer, it has been acknowledged that the current fleet of passenger carrying vehicles will be insufficient for the expected level of services. To ensure the railway is in good shape for the planned expansion it is desired that the railway has a minimum of two five coach rakes available for passenger services, with an additional four coach dining set.

Completed Projects

Whether it's a small project to install a period feature, or a more large scale project that sees the reconstruction of a long lost building - the NSRC has taken on a number of challenges and succeeded in recreating a living museum that all of us can be proud. Discover just where donations have been spent, what was recreated and when and you'll see anything is possible when we all work together.