Volunteering through the NSRC will in turn help to operate the Churnet Valley Railway, which can be great fun and highly rewarding. Playing a part in bringing the past to life in this little part of Staffordshire is highly sociable and a great way to gain work experience and learn new skills in your own time. You can decide how much time you put in - be it one hour a month or one day a week.

Become a Part of Us

There are two main ways you can be part of the railway: either by buying shares in the company, or by becoming a working volunteer. The Churnet Valley Railway is a Public Limited Company, owned by shareholders. Opportunities exist to buy shares in the railway, with a series of benefits and incentives depending upon the number of shares purchased. The CVR is one of only a handful of preserved railways to totally own its infrastructure outright and not leased or rented from a local authority.

Help Us

If you can't give money, we are always grateful for time. One day a month, or many hours a week, you give what you can afford to. All are welcome to join, by either helping to run the railway day to day or you can get more involved behind the scenes. The choice is yours, and the options are endless.

Enhance Wellbeing

There is more than one reason to volunteer, with everyone identifying their own personal goals to achieve. * Learn new skills * Improve CV * Make new friends * Give something back to your community * Use towards completion of the “Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme”


We are always welcoming of interested persons to volunteer within the organisation, no matter your skill set or availability there is always a job or two to be done. On occasions though we do need to find someone more specialised, and so below you will details of specific positions we are looking to recruit in