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Motorise Cheddleton Appeal

Bringing Signalling to Cheddleton station

The Churnet Valley Railway is currently embarking upon an exciting signalling project, that will see modern computer based systems control Victorian technology at its Cheddleton Headquarters. As part of this project the CVR needs to install relays to electrically “switch” the commands into operations. One such relay is quite specific, that being a Motor Relay which is capable of powering a point machine. We have tried finding industrial alternatives but to no avail at a cost-effective price, and finding them second-hand to our required specification has currently proved fruitless.
Each point machine requires two relays, and our scheme at Cheddleton has five point machines in the medium term that will require this equipment. Add to that a need to keep some in stock as spare, we are looking to acquire twelve such relays and they cost £300 each. Therefore we are looking to raise £3,600 in total to enable this scheme to go ahead with the first phase commissioned by the autumn and the second phase operational for February next year.
If someone is able to sponsor a relay in full, whether as an individual or a group, you will be invited down for a behind-the-scenes tour to learn just what is happening at Cheddleton at a time convenient for yourself. Donating £240 with Gift Aid means we will be able to claim the full amount, so this offer is open to any individual/group who donates £240 or more in a single payment. If you are willing to donate then please visit: < TotalGiving™ >.
For further information about the project, or how to get involved, please contact Churnet Valley Railway.