Help Us

The North Staffordshire Railway Company (1978) Lts is run entirely by volunteers. Whilst railway operations are handled by the operating company, the NSRC oversee the charitable side of things focussing on enhancing the visitor experience.

With it's four main activities focussing on education, fundraising, history and promotion, there are plenty of opportunities available for anyone looking to try something new or bring something to the charity that we don't already have.

There is more to education than sitting in a classroom, and in a little corner of North Staffordshire we have a over ten miles of railway with its own selection of stories to tell.

Fundraising is a huge undertaking for the chairty, from running appeals to attending shows with a trade stand, or selling raffle tickets. Every penny can make a difference, and small amounts soon build up into large amounts when put together.

Maintaining the museum, and ensuring our archive collection is available is a huge undertaking - and we are always being surprised with new donations made.

Promoting our activites, the benefits they bring to the community, and you yourself is another primary focus. Working in the outdoors with like minded people, or doing something at home with that spare couple of hours - there is always something to do to keep our wheels turning in making sure the visitor experience in the Churnet Valley is the best it possibly can be.